Playmysong makes listening to music fun and social. Tune into cool music broadcasted from around the world or start your Social Playlist by using your Spotify or Apple Music account. In selected locations, you can use the magic power of adding your favorite songs to the venue's background music playlist in old-school jukebox style - for free.

LEAN-BACK AND ENJOY - When searching for great music to listen to, you can use Playmysong to find fantastic Social Playlists blasting songs at the world’s coolest parties and start enjoying to them with your own Spotify or Apple Music Member account.

EXPRESS YOUR TASTE - You can turn any music listening situation into a Social Playoist that people around the world can start enjoying.

BE THE DJ - Add your favorite songs to the Social Playlist around you. At Playmysong powered locations you can add songs to the party’s song queue and vote songs up the list with your friends.

To enjoy all features of Playmysong, you need Spotify Premium or Apple Music Member account.


“Playmysong is a mobile application that allows you to remotely control the songs being played on a venue’s stereo system” - Techcrunch

"Playmysong is an iOS app and web service that makes it easy for users to DJ via their phones." - Mashable