Getting Started

Getting Started

Playmysong is the Social Playlist app that allows you to do three things:

1. LEAN-BACK AND ENJOY When searching for great music to listen to, you can use Playmysong to find fantastic Social Playlists blasting songs from the world’s coolest parties and start enjoying them with your own Spotify or Apple Music

2. BE THE DJ Add your favorite songs to the Social Playlists around you. At Playmysong powered parties you can add songs to the party’s song queue and vote songs up the list with your friends.

3. EXPRESS YOUR TASTE You can turn any music listening situation into a Social Playlist that people around the world can start enjoying.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Browse for Social Playlists around the world and enjoy them
  2. Try adding songs to playlists you listen to
  3. Follow the best Social Playlists you find
  4. Launch your own Social Playlist and invite friends to participate
  5. If you are throwing a party, use Playmysong as a social jukebox