March 9, 2018

History of Playmysong

History of Playmysong

Sounds funny, but we started working on Playmysong 8 years ago in 2010. Here's the timeline leading up to 2019 when we'll relaunch:


Tech entrepreneur Rami sings in the punk band Fumble. One day Fumble's bass player at the time Pekka tells him "My friend Timo has an idea for a music app". Rami and Timo meet, find common vision and start bootstrapping on Playmysong to be the "FourSquare of music."


Playmysong Ltd is incorporated and Lifeline Ventures and Tekes make an seed investment, which allows the founders to focus on Playmysong 100% and to hire a developer. Playmysong becomes one of the first mobile social jukebox app companies.

Playmysong is featured by Mashable as legendary LA club The Roxy starts using Playmysong.

"Playmysong is an iOS app and web service that makes it easy for users to DJ via their phones." - Mashable

Founders move to New York in the fall.


Founders relocate to San Francisco. Techcrunch features Playmysong USA launch.Playmysong Spotify Desktop App becomes the 2nd most popular functional Spotify app.

“Playmysong is a mobile application that allows you to remotely control the songs being played on a venue’s stereo system” - Techcrunch


Founders relocate to Helsinki. As the seed funding has been spent, Rami and Timo need to start working elsewhere to support their families. Playmysong keeps growing slowly even without anyone working full time on it.

In the fall Playmysong wins the Best Startup Pitch at PitchHelsinki event and raises a small crowdfunding round in 24 hours.


Founders spend 2013 negotiating with an US investor about a round that would allow them to refocus 100% on Playmysong. Round never closes and further challanges arise when Spotify ends Spotify desktop apps.


Playmysong's partnership with Mood keeps the company going while founders are working full time elsewhere.


While Playmyson is still a side project, founders start thinking that maybe they should relaunch Playmysong without outside funding.


Founders create the plan for the next generation Playmysong and start building it.


This year Playmysong will relaunch and the mission to make music more fun and social will continue.