February 18, 2020

Update 6.1.4 - Better & Easier Navigation

Update 6.1.4 - Better & Easier Navigation

Our latest update includes a new and fresh looking navigation that makes it easy to:

  • Discover and listen to Social Playlists from around the world.
  • Host your own Social Playlist.
  • Find Social Playlists that are located near you such as parties, bars, cafes, and events.

Lastly, we hope that these updates will make it easier for you to listen, request and vote for your favorite music.

We would love to get some user feedback so we can keep improving. To share your feedback please update or download the Playmysong app from here and drop us a message by telling us what you think!

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Enjoy the new Playmysong update💚

Are you an Android user? If yes, please sign up here for an early access. We are releasing the Android version in Spring 2020.